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There were some big doin's up at the Grand Summit last night!
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Tonight at the River View.
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Rene, Charli, and Molly playing in the Lobby.
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Checkout the Flames against the black and white!
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We really do have snow folks.
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Snow making on the Volcano.
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The Bethel, Maine Snow Volcano goes up in flames Saturday night!
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Looks like we need to remove Christmas light already.
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A great family having a great time. The Salgados!
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And another shot.
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What a beautiful morning.
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The Lobby's looking great. It just needs you.
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It really is amazing the beauty you can find around the resort if you only zoom in...
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They're heading for The River. We have snow folks and the skiing's great.
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Nice New Shot.
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Our September 2011 Photo Winner, the Waughs!
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Rene just noticed the sign on the electronic scoreboard that read, "Happy Birthday Rene McGrew!"
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Congratulations to our very first Snap to Win contest! The Lamothe family.
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Once the grass comes in it will be beauteous! There were a BUNCH of kids all over it last night.
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Gonna be all ready for the 4th, folks!
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The playground proved to be a bit much for Kristi and I, as it kept getting more entailed. (:-). Luckily Mark Wigley was available.
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This coming week begins our annual Spring Cleanup Fixup at the River View. And this year we're replacing the playground we removed last year.
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Finally! Trying to get the staff all suited up in their new tops and line them up for a photo was like herding cats!
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The president and first lady of The River View at the 2012 Chamber Awards.
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That was a heck of a moon last night!
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It's a little fuzzy but here's the moose that kept traffic buzzing last week. This across the street from our playground.
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Always something interesting in the lobby!
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Beautiful ending to an awesome day.
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Rene getting Rotarian of the Year and her second Paul Harris Award.
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The garden in the corner is really coming in nicely this year thanks to the weather and Nancy Fox.
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Five minutes ago on our walking trail.
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Our latest Snap-to-Winner! Kelly Lemm of San Diego, CA.
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And another.
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Now there will ALWAYS be a Books-n-Things in Bethel.
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We had a pretty visitor to the resort this afternoon...
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Congratulations to Deborah Quinn for winning our September Snap to Win Award. That's our Nancy Fox holding the bird which flew into a window. The little booger quickly cheered up under her watchful eye, then flew off.
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Another great shot by Deborah.
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Repaving the driveway.
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Our September Snap to Winner! Rina Marquis-Phelps.
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There was a snowy lightshow at the River View tonight.
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WE got Snow!
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Our view out front.
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Ce-Jay Spencer, our January photo winner!
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Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce Liked · 34 minutes ago Operation Snowcano continues! Today, Jim got out the (electric) chainsaw and carved a tunnel in the side so we can light the fire to make the eruption happen. Tomorrow, groomers will tackle the GINORMOUS pile of snow made by awesome Sunday River fan guns last week!
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All ready to erupt.
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It's snowing again...
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Carol shooting back.
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Taken today at Screw Augur Falls.
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Stop at the front desk and pick up your passport!
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Jarrod putting the final touches on the windmill.
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Rene working on the scarecrows.
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Scarecrows completed. With crows.
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Robin awarding the prizes.
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Today at Harvestfest.
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Just a couple of scarecrows. Out for a hike.
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The Jeeps are here! And a lot are staying with us.
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Ah. It seems like only yesterday.
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And this is what it looks like in Bethel!
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Fall has come and gone but it's still beautiful here.
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One intrepid guest family here for the blizzard. There are others but I can't imagine where they are right now.
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The girls taking a well deserved break.
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